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PIMP-QUEST, A game for all ages!

New User Image

2010-07-13 03:50:52 by WhaleSnail

Made this in Gmod a long time ago, finally found a decent use for it!

New User Image

just fucking fabulous

2010-07-09 05:06:47 by WhaleSnail

as a result of me being hacked (i think) it seems I can no longer change my account picture. Which is shit. I change it and hit save, then when I visit my page, it hasn't changed. Time to call upon the faithful and loyal Wade.

Gay (hacked)

2010-02-26 18:55:19 by WhaleSnail

I am proud to say that I am now openly gay. If you are a fag like me please come and join me by having a nice cup of tea.

It seems as though I have been hacked. DAMN. Time for a password change, at least the hacker had the decency to not hijack my account and completely fuck up everything.




Gay (hacked)

Australia Day!!

2010-01-26 00:19:08 by WhaleSnail

it's Australia day and I'm on my computer. I feel kinda un-Australian with everybody else either watching or playing cricket, so to make up for it I had vegemite on toast for lunch and the barbie is prepped up for sausage in bread for dinner!

God I love this country!

Happy Australia day mate!!


2009-09-09 03:17:41 by WhaleSnail

hahahaha! awwww....


ok..ok... it happened like this:

Me and my best friend were riding motorbikes in some strange desert in the middle of nowhere. We were jumping high over sand dunes and doing crazy backflips and stuff. 'Watch this!' my friend said. Then he put his bike on full gear and jumped super high over a massive dune!

I nearly shat myself as i watched him fly above my head and tumble down a steep hill, snapping several of his bones.

As I sprinted down the hill after him, I saw an ambulance in the distance around his wrecked bike. And as I got closer, the stretcher he was on turned into a spit. With stringy things hanging from it.

When I got down there, I realised the stringy things were bacon. My friend had absolutely smashed himself and had turned into bacon!

And then a medic came up to me and said, 'Don't worry, he's gonna be OK!'